ClickClickDrive raises $1 million funding – 11/2018


ClickClickDrive raises $1M funding: 3 ways Belgium-born startup aims to disrupt the industry

ClickClickDrive, a Berlin-based online platform for driving school management, raises $1 million (€815,300) of funding in an angel round. The investment promises a cutting-edge disruption of the industry which has been experimenting for quite a while.

Emmanuel Thomassin, the CFO of Delivery Hero, along with Stefan Glaenzer (Passion Capital), Jonathan Green (Luxor Capital), Burkhard Schwenker (former CEO Roland Berger) and André Linh Raoul (A-Venture) have successfully laid down the foundation of this investment. It is said to expand the company’s European markets and evolve its grip in the field of a software solution.

What is ClickClickDrive?

Aibek Van Den Ackerveken developed this online platform in Belgium in September 2017. Reportedly, the startup has been a landmark innovation in smoothening the management of driving schools and facilitating an integrated driving school search for the students. Since 2018, the company has also been active in Germany and has set itself the goal of supporting the entire driving school market in digitization.

Direct services for driving schools

ClickClickDrive provides solutions like payment administration, fleet management, document management as well as the planning of driving lessons between driving school, driving instructor and learner driver. It directly offers these services to the driving schools.

All inclusive services

ClickClickDrive undertakes an ‘all-in-one’ service with the soft touch of technological advancement offered to its users. The app offers the preparation for the theoretical exam. It is also working on its booking system along with an app solution for easy communication between instructors and students.

An International appeal

It can be predicted that with this huge investment, ClickClickDrive will head towards an expansion of its market dominance in Germany and across the European markets.ClickClickDrive has not only Thomassin as a backbone in terms of the capital investment but also as an integral operational support. Moreover, the startup is pacing towards an international appeal as it is the only German company from over 400 international applicants by the Founders Embassy which is invited to San Francisco which will give an access to the Silicon Valley.

The company has the vision to stand astute in the US and other markets across the world, which is reiterated by Andee Gardiner, co-founder of the Founders Embassy. This investment is definitely going to be promising for ClickClickDrive’s future and hence create an all-inclusive growth for the industry per se.